-Quicksnaps- Night Racers

Last year the SEMA show was insane. Showcasing the finest builds from around the world for one week in Las Vegas.
With cars like the highly anticipated ARK Legato, or the 1,000 horsepower Bisimoto 3.8 Coupe, the amount of quality was unsurpassed.

But two cars stuck out like none other. Two highlighter yellow Hyundais, built by EGR Automotive USA in partnership with Hyundai USA. A 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, and a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, both dripping in a custom highlighter yellow finish dubbed “yellowcake”.

Necks would be broken. Chiropractors loved it.

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WekFest Texas 2013. A [KDM-R] Photodump.

It’s been just a little over a month since WekFest Houston, TX, but the memory of the weekend is still fresh in my head.
Myself and fellow editor Ryan decided months in advance that we were going. Prior to this trip, neither of us had experienced a full show of this magnitude. WekFest carries a life of it’s own. And in the city of Houston, TX, the tuning scene is one that could rival the best of them.

So you knew it was going to be awesome.

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Santa’s Red Sled

It’s December 23rd, 2013. Two days until Christmas. I’ve put off most of my Christmas shopping until the last minute, and I have also put this feature off. But alas, I can not procrastinate any longer.
The last couple weeks at the KDM-Racing.com global headquarters have been nothing short of hectic. Myself and fellow editor Ryan F. embarked on a 10 hour journey to Houston, TX for WekFest. Expect some insane coverage coming very soon.

But in our journey to the lonestar state, some strange things were happening up in Northern Maryland. Turns out our friend Brandon Fleming had been approached by none other than jolly ol’ Saint Nicholas. You see Santa’s sleigh has not aged well over the last thousand years, and he was looking to upgrade. He looked no further than Brandon’s turbo Genesis Coupe R-spec.

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-Quicksnaps- W I C K E D

I started to write this last weekend, but in lieu of certain events I wanted to go back and start fresh.

As we all know, our community was shaken by the sudden and tragic passing of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas in a terrible car crash in Southern California.
An idol to our scene, and an inspiration to many, Paul’s presence in the realm of imports and tuning was an impact felt world wide made possible by the Fast & Furious movie series.
Paul will be painfully missed by his daughter, his family, and the extended family of every car enthusiast that ever enjoyed his work and shared the same passion he did.

RIP Paul Walker

Now this -Quicksnaps- is about a young lady from New England, and her 2012 Rspec 2.0T. Heather was shopping around for a new wheel setup, and we were able to help her out with her decision. The results speak for themselves.

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It’s a special bond between man and machine, one not easily understood by others who may not share the same passions about automobiles that people like us do.
For some, it’s simply a means of going from point A to point B. You put gas in, and change the oil every 3,000ish miles.

But then there is the crowd of relentless gearheads. You know our type, chances are you’re probably one since you’re reading this after all. There is never an endgame, never that last mod to our vehicle. The car takes on a life of it’s own from the results of carefully thought out and planned purchases. From more power, to different wheels, or exterior & interior additions there is simply never enough.

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Krack Kills.

I’ve had the pleasure of being good friends with Matthew Krakowski for about 2 years now, over the interwebs and from our epic weekend full of mischief in the upper East Coast during the SeoulfulRacing spring meet earlier this year.

I always knew I wanted to one day do a feature for the site on his car. Our site features are about one thing… you guys and girls.
Your cars. Your story. Your moment.
His Genesis has always looked great, but something was missing. We both knew that something was the right set of shoes for his girl.

Well, daddy went shopping.

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-Quicksnaps- Snow White

1. Truly what something is said or regarded to be; genuine.
she’s never had a proper job
synonyms: real, genuine, actual, true, bona fide

Take a moment to dissect that word, and then think of how it applies to the automotive world. With such a massive amount of crap out there, it helps those that truly push themselves and their cars to that highest level shine even brighter.

This is Kim.
Her car is proper.

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When you buy a car and decide to start modding it, often times plans change constantly. You find yourself becoming excessively nit-picky to certain details.

But in other instances, sometimes you face set backs like wrong parts, inexperienced builders, engine & tuning failures, and other monstrous obstacles to overcome. But once the car is complete, you can’t help but think it was all worth it.

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The big turbo, high boost beast. Part 1

In a motion to keep you guys entertained, we are going to be posting more on the main site.
From -Quicksnaps-, to full features, to kick ass videos, KDM-Racing.com will have you covered

The top of the mountain is a coveted spot. #1. The champion.
Everyone wants it, but not all can achieve it. But once you get there, the fight is not over, it’s actually just begun. Now you fight the keep the throne.

For us at KDM-Racing, we fully support the innovators and those not afraid to take chances. That is why we are a proud sponsor of Evolution Auto Designs out of New York and their monster turbo 2013 Genesis Coupe build.
With the sights aimed high at 2.0T world records, they have already etched their name in the books. But that’s not enough. Oh hell no. They want the book named after them.

Here is part 1 of their journey.
Stay up with KDM-Racing.com for a soon to be released full featured, and the continuation of the quest.

-Quicksnaps- William’s Acqua Minerale Blue

For William Lam there has always been one goal with his car.
Staying legit.

That meant authentic, quality parts, and an attention to detail to make his car stand above the rest while still serving it’s daily commuter duties.

We think he’s done a damn good job at sticking to his guns. But as we’ve stated many times before, we at KDM-Racing are just dirtbags who love cars, so what do we know?

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BLACK & WHITE. Florida boys putting in work.

Friendship is defined as a mutual affection between two or more people.
Good friends often share similar interests, and tend to follow on each others leads.

For Gabe and Rene, their longtime friendship has always gone past each other, and right to their cars.
A friendly unspoken competition to one-up each other with their respective vehicles.

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Playing in traffic with Enjuku Racing

The great guys at Enjuku Racing recently saw that their Genesis was collecting dust, so they took it out a little to play.
Easily one of the most recognizable, and most respected Coupe builds ever. The car needs no introduction.
But just in case you forgot, the car features a GM LS1 V8 engine, Magnusson supercharger, and Enjuku’s own fabricated LS swap system.

So just turn the volume up and enjoy.

And be sure to check out all that Enjuku Racing offers for the 2010-2013 Coupes at their website.
A great group of knowledgeable guys with a long history in performance fabrication and racing!


Video: Fearless Magazine FEARLESS 904
Photo: Garret Wade Photography GARRET WADE PHOTO

Trackday Toy.

Race cars.
Race cars are dirty, used, beaten, and abused. They take constant beating and still have to perform under pressure.

While in attendance at the SeoulfulRacing Korean car meet, I met Hogi Anh from WON Performance out of New Jersey.
We got to talking and he showed us his track prepped 2012 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track.
What simply has to be one of the most well put together, purpose built Coupes I’ve seen thus far, this car has been assembled to do one thing… go fast on the track.

Words: Josh & Ryan @ KDM-Racing
Photos: MDR Productions (Raj Deshmukh)

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SFR 2013

WORDS: Josh & Ryan
Photos: Joshua Lowrey, Raj @ MDR Productions, Ryan Flannery

SeoulfulRacing owner Jay Kim and I have a killer friendship. Late last year, with less than a day’s notice, I packed my bags and drove to Houston to attend a tuning day he was hosting. We had an amazing time and at the end of the event he invited me to stop by his shop sometime. Unfortunately I live over 1,000 miles away from SFR, so visiting Jay is not a simple task. However when I learned that SFR was soon to be holding its spring Korean Car Meet, I knew that the time had come to make the trip.

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VADER. Stephen John’s 475whp TurboXS powered monster.

Horsepower is a drug.

It’s stronger than any amphetamine you can imagine. An addiction to horsepower is something many of us have faced and our fixes come in many different forms. Whether it be large turbos or highly aggressive camshafts, once you’ve had that first hit of power it’s hard to quit. The urge for more power is undying and almost impossible to satisfy.

Stephen Johns knows exactly what it’s like to have an incessant desire to increase power, for he is an addict, and this is his Genesis Coupe,

Words: Josh & Ryan @ KDM-Racing
Photos: MDR Productions (Raj Deshmukh)

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Rule of three’s.

Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Scott Chu & Jesse Lee

How do you stay fresh? How do you constantly push yourself to be better than your last attempt?
It’s never an easy task keeping original, casting molds only to break them to pieces.
The status quo is a bar set higher and higher in this day and age, but yet is constantly being setup to be broken.

A typical feature on KDM-Racing.com consists of one car in the spotlight. But not this time, oh no not this time.
An interesting idea came to mind a while back. There was three specific cars I had in mind, all three from sunny Southern California, and all three sick in unique ways.

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Dangerous love.


It may be the purest form of emotion and is certainly one of the most intense. The feelings of attachment, affection, and devotion can be all-consuming. Love comes in many forms and manifests itself in many ways.
For Sara Tews it arrived in the form of a 2007 Hyundai Tiburon GS, which has since become known as “The Duchess”.

This is their love story.

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The end of the world, predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar.

If you’re reading this, take a second and rejoice that you have survived. You made it through the end of the world.

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-Quicksnaps- This sh*t is bananas.

New Orleans.
We are “on the map” for so many things. Mardi Gras. Hurricanes. Murders. The Saints. The list goes on.

But what you may not know about Nola residents, specifically the tuner crowd, is how hard they can go, and how we have a dedication to quality and performance.

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Harry and the never ending quest for wheel perfection.

Words & Photos: Harry Jung

A very interesting thread popped on on Gencoupe.com recently.
“My wheel journey”.
This was too awesome not to share with you all. So I contacted Harry and asked to use this for the site, he ecstatically obliged.
Now, in his own words, Harry Jung’s never ending quest for wheel perfection.

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Ahead of the pack.

Words: Josh & Ryan @ KDM-Racing
Photos: K. Chow Photography

As automotive enthusiasts we live in a new day and age. In years past the vast majority of girls in the automotive scene would simply sit in their boyfriend’s cars or stand next to them looking pretty, but thankfully that trend appears to be fading. There are so many girls out there now who are pushing their rides to the next level and really giving the boys a run for their money.

Christine is one of those girls…and this is her Genesis Coupe.

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Forza Horizon.

As with many car enthusiasts, you’ve probably heard of Forza Motorsport. Arguably one of the greatest racing game series of all time, Forza is every car guys dreams brought to life in digital form.
Want to build your own car, but throw on a bigger turbo/cams/wider tires? You can do it in Forza.
Want to go thrash around Road Atlanta in a Porsche GT3 RS? You can do it in Forza.
How about lapping the Nurburgring in a Ferrari 458 Italia? Again, Forza makes it possible.

Earlier in the week the newest installment in the Forza world was released, Forza Horizon.
Now running off an open world exploration style, the game takes everything you’ve come to know and love about a hardcore race sim and thrown it out the window.

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East Coast Shark.

Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Joe Pollard & Cedric Claiborne

Since the release of the Genesis Coupe the Tiburon has slowly disappeared into obscurity. It’s almost becoming forgotten.
It’s sad watching the old go out to make room for the new.

Or at least that’s what you think. The Tiburon is still alive and well, with a strong following. Richard Boettcher is a man that has been around since the beginning, and is not going anywhere at all anytime soon…

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Rhys Millen 2012 Formula Drift Season In Review!

Words: Josh & Ryan @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Please see credits at bottom

As the face of Hyundai’s Motorsports program, Rhys Millen was under significant pressure to perform well this year in Formula Drift. Fortunately Rhys excels under pressure, which made for a memorable Formula D season.

With that said, let’s take a look back at each event and relieve the ups and downs of RMR’s journey in 2012:

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Words: Ryan @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Storm Sasaki @ Orange County Choppers

I am a man who walks alone
And when I’m walking a dark road
At night or strolling through the park.

When the light begins to change
I sometimes feel a little strange
A little anxious when it’s dark.

Fear of the dark, fear of the dark.

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New Days.

Words: Josh & Ryan @ KDM-Racing, Nate “Turbosocks”
Photos: Nate & Melissa

Today we have a change of pace. In this feature we not only get to see a new 2013 Veloster Turbo, but one that’s been tastefully modified as well.

In a little over one month of ownership Nate has really made his V-Turbo stand out. It caught my eye, so now I bring it to yours.

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SeoulfulRacing Houston Tuning Trip Part 2!

In Part 1 of this feature I mentioned that I captured a bunch of video during the SFR Houston Tuning event, and last night I finally had a chance finish the editing. Jay @ SFR has already reviewed it and he loved the end result, so now I present it to you…the fans of KDM-Racing!

Turn your speakers up as high as they can go and enjoy!

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SeoulfulRacing Houston Tuning Trip Part. 1!

Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Josh @ KDM-Racing

Sometimes the best decisions are made on a moment’s notice.

This past weekend I made a last minute call and drove five hours to Houston,TX. My intention was to kick it with some friends and attend the SeoulfulRacing (SFR) tuning event at PowerFab Automotive. I was just hoping to hang out, take some pictures, shoot some video, and have some fun.

I never expected just how incredible the weekend would be…and the new friendships that would be forged from it.

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The KDM-Racing forums, site’s faking the funk, and a thank you.

I’m constantly trying to come up with new ways to get you guys all involved with KDM-Racing, because as I’ve said time and time again, it’s all for you.

You’re my readers, and the content provided has to cater to you.
This was all started as an outlet to showcase KDM cars and style, while focusing on the interaction amongst enthusiasts.
So this post will be a little different than most. It focuses on our future, and some other issues that need to be addressed.

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Here we have The Reverend, preaching at the church of boost. Today on KDM-Racing, we’ll be giving a sermon on power, style, and kicking ass!
So sit back, open your Boost Bibles, and let us praise the lowered!

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Avant Garde Wheels.

Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Avant Garde & Jesse Lee

One really cool thing about doing KDM-Racing, is some of the people I get to meet, and the relationships I build through others.
The audience I cater to has given nothing but positive feedback to KDM-Racing, and really seems to be hyped on it.

Scott Chu of Avante Garde wheels had contacted me about a little networking through Facebook, but I decided to do them one step better.

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Monsoon Season.

KDM Meet 1

Word: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Minh Trinh & Adam Foret

There are times that no matter how much time ahead you plan, no matter how many people come, sometimes you just get a bitchslap from mother nature.
With people coming from Alabama, Texas, and New Mexico, all we could do was hope for perfect weather.
Perfect weather… in New Orleans, LA… in early August… yea, perfect weather.

40% chance of rain they said…

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Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: BJ Craun

In the arts, a medium is a material used by an artist or designer to create a work.
Each car is a blank canvas for creativity.
Each of you is an artist, with your own canvas, and means to create.
Some do it better than others. Some go wild and crazy, some simple and reserved.
Ryan Butler has taken his own unique and effective approach to his 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT, and here’s his story.

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Optima Prime

Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Vossen Wheels

Whilst scouring the internet in a late evening boredom, I was doing more than my usual web surfing of various forums, Facebook, blogs, and so forth.
I was looking for something very specific, I was hunting “big game”.
I laid my eyes on the target, took a deep breath as I lined up my shot.


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Canadian KDM, eh?


Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Jean-Marc Duguay

I know nothing about Canada other than a few things.
1. Shipping anything there is a pain in the butt.
2. Mounties.
3. Moose, elk, bears OH MY!

All stereotype jokes aside, there’s something going on up there, and we should all take notice. Jean-Marc is one of the Canadians who is “leading the charge” in showing the rest of the world that the Canadian KDM scene ain’t just a bunch of syrup sipping, moose dodging, hockey players.

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Some say. Some do.


Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Khalid Jan

The internet.
The single worst resource to some people. It’s all too easy to claim anything as truth on the web. Whether it be how large your man parts are, where you live, what you drive, and so forth.
Since the beginning of time in the car scene, you’ve always heard people talking about “Well, I’m doing this engine swap in my car”, but never see any follow through.
Right now, with the Genesis Coupe, that’s all too often.
It’s a RWD platform, which does leave tons of options for custom fabricated swaps, so mix that and the internet, and well… You get the rest.

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Rhys Millen: A KDM-Racing.com interview

RMR Header

Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photo credit: Rhys Millen Racing

Its no secret that Rhys Millen is a household name to any motorsports junkie.
Rhys and the staff at RMR do one thing, build and race some of the fastest drift, rallycross, and pure track cars in the world.
The attention to detail in the work is second to none. And the results clearly speak for themselves.
From crushing records at Pike’s Peak, to first place in 2008 at Red Bull’s “Best in the World” drift contest, building the jaw dropping 5.0 Tau V8 swapped RM500 Genesis Coupe, and mulitple podium finishes at Formula D & other national drift events, RMR makes their presence known.

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Miami Heatwave.

Photos: Toni Rivera
Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing

A month or so ago, I joined up on a very active Genesis Coupe group on Facebook. Having had past experiences with GC owners, I decided to see what was up and current in their world.
I put up an open call out. A call out to the cleanest cars out there. Maybe I was crazy…

My criteria was simple. Real cars. Real parts. Real people.
No fakes, no stock cars, nothing not 100% sick.

The amount of responses I got was incredible, almost overwhelming.
This my friends, is one of those responses.

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Words: Josh @ KDM-Racing
Photos: Nick Quigley & OMGDrift.com

A few days ago I was doing what I usually do, which is aimlessly scouring the internet for cool KDM stuff. With the Genesis Coupe rising rapidly in popularity, the amount of modified Coupe’s coming up is crazy.
Then I saw one that made me sit back in my chair and say “Whoa… that’s rad”.

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Tomei USA Presents: Korean Drift Masters Parts 1 – 3

Tomei has done a really awesome, basically candid take on the uprising of drifting and automotive culture in Korea.
You guys want to see how it’s going over there, here’s the links to parts 1 – 3. It provides some awesome insight into the world of KDM cars and motorsports, halfway across the world.

Part 1:
Korean Drift Masters Part 1

Photo Credit: Tomei Racing
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